Gives learners more opportunities to practise

The most important thing about learning an entirely new language is to practise it as much as possible. Learners easily feel pressurised to memorise Korean vocabulary and grammar though they know the importance of it. Moreover, learners studying Korean in Singapore have little opportunity to learn naturally and lack of exposure to native speakers as they not living in Korea.

Therefore, ONLYOU Korean Language School, unlike other Korean language schools in Singapore, gives learners more opportunities to practise Korean, even outside of the classroom. Our teachers create a group chat for each class using mobile messaging application for students to communicate with their classmates and teacher easily to ask questions and practise Korean language. Teachers give them questions or mini quizzes through the group chat or let them practise Korean vocabulary and grammar through online website and mobile application to ensure that students allocate their personal time to studying the Korean language.

Teaches in various ways

We believe how a teacher delivers a lesson can make a tremendous difference in learners' language acquisition. Our class is designed to sustain interest and raise Korean language proficiency of learners through creating an authentic learning experience. Students will be given tasks of communicating in Korean through using mobile messaging application, preparing speeches and dialogues on specific topics, reading, writing, listening and translating Korean songs and dramas.

We use snippets from Korean dramas and K-pop music videos to help them practise, which immediately makes the class more fun and relevant. There is also an explicit teaching of Korean grammatical structures for students to help them to identify and apply easily.

Lets learners explore Korean culture

Korean language and culture are closely connected. Therefore, we infuse our classes with information on Korean culture, providing our students with background context on the use of Korean language and understanding Korean culture through watching video clips, immersing in role-playing, celebrating Korean festivals and even singing K-pop music.