Korean course review by Vy-vyen Ng

Vy-vyen Ng

” I have been learning Korean under teacher May, Park Hanbuyl for almost 2 years now. As I am much older than most of her students and not as quick with learning a new language, I really appreciate Teacher May’s patience and encouragement and effective teaching.

She is fully bi-lingual and in fact tri-lingual as she understands mandarin too. I am able to remember the hangeul as she points out the similar sounding words from the Chinese character.

Korean is not an easy language to learn, but Teacher May has made it much easier for me in terms of grasping the grammar as well as the spoken language, as it’s a very interactive class, where she encourages me to describe my daily life in Korean to her.

She also makes it interesting by talking about the food and culture of Korea in Korean to me. The materials & textbook provided are also very structured and helpful. 감사합니다 ☺ “