Korean course review by Victoria Chong

Victoria Chong

” I have been a student of 박한별 선생님 (Ms Park Hanbyul) for over 3.5 years now, and she is an absolutely fantastic teacher. Her classes are kept small, so as to allow her to pay greater attention to each student’s needs.

Her Korean language materials, while modeled after the major Korean universities, are also highly customized by her personally – all to capture the students’ interests by making up to date references to the latest Kpop/Kdrama trends. When students are unable to make it for classes, she always gladly provides makeup classes to help us to catch up.

Her earnest dedication has been unwavering and it was under her encouragement that many of us found the courage to prepare for the Korean language TOPIK exam as well. This is a great school where the teachers are truly passionate about their calling. Definitely worth a visit 🙂 “