Tan Jing Her

“I have been learning Korean for a couple of years now and every week I still look forward to coming to class because of 한별 선생님 (Ms Hanbyul). Whenever I’m having a bad day at school, going to Korean class always makes my day better somehow. I enjoy the company and the fun yet conducive environment provided. Ms Hanbyul makes Korean easy to understand and very interesting. Her teachings makes me motivated to learn more. I especially enjoy the little things she does that makes the class all the more enjoyable. Asking us how was our week before the start of course, or teaching us Korean by using singlish at times. She makes the class a very fun and homely environment where we can laugh and learn. I also appreciate how she took up the Chinese language just so she can relate to us more. I appreciate her greatly for always answering our questions during class and making sure all of us understand the lesson. I love how the classroom can be conducive for learning and at the same time not boring.
All in all, I am very thankful to have a teacher like her and I highly recommend learning Korean in ONLYOU Korean language school. 사랑합니다 선생님 ㅋㅋㅋ”