Rachel Leong

“I’m a housewife who took up Korean because I need to engage in an activity that keeps my mind active. Neurologists tell us if we want to keep our brains young, there’s nothing like learning a new language. I’m very happy to be learning Korean under Ms Park. I’ve been her student for 3.5 yrs. At times I’ve struggled in my learning journey and entertained the thoughts of quitting. But Ms Park is very encouraging and ever so gentle in her ways. She’s never made me feel inadequate (I have plenty of reasons to feel this way since all my classmates are young adults & young professionals). She’s very empathetic and very patient. I must have asked her hundreds of questions in my learning journey thru private messaging. She answered each one of them professionally. I can see her passion in teaching the language. She continues to upgrade herself; I understand she’s doing a Masters degree in how to teach Korean Language & Culture to foreigners. And because both the Korean and Chinese Languages share a lot of similarities, Ms Park is also learning Chinese so that she can better teach those of us who are familiar with Chinese. I personally find this immensely useful. A teacher like Ms Park doesn’t come along everyday. I’m so glad I found her.”