alicia Ch

Alicia Chiam


“I have been learning Korean language with 선생님 for the past 3 years. She is quite caring, fun loving, patience and approachable teacher to learn with. When I’m in doubt, she always be there to guide me and also to improve my writing and communicating skills in her class Nevertheless, I enjoyed learning the Korean language with my teacher and also during class together with the course mates. :)”


Alicia Seah

Classes were well-paced and easy to follow!

“Class was very fun and interactive! The teacher used fun videos to help facilitate my understanding. Classes were well-paced and easy to follow. The teacher patiently answered questions, and also told me about some important events in South Korea. The teacher would ensure that I could speak, write and understand the words well before moving on. Classes were very organized, and the teacher would sometimes extend our lesson time to make sure I understood the lesson.

박한별 선생님, 감사합니다! Thank you for being so understanding, like when I have to change my lesson times at the last minute. Korean lessons are very enjoyable and interesting with you!”

Lillian Lee

My teacher always leads class with a positive and earnest attitude.

“My teacher May Park always leads class with a positive and earnest attitude. In addition to the energy and effort displayed in her lectures, her outstanding English ability allowed her to effectively aid English-speaking students’ understanding of course materials. For all this as well as her enthusiastic and sincere outlook, I highly recommend her to foreign language learners!”