Nicolette Lim

” ONLYOU Korean Language school provide classes which are very engaging and interactive as they use different visual aids to help the students learn better such as through Quizlet and Korean dramas/Kpop etc. It motivates me to study Korean even more as they make learning Korean so much easier and enjoyable.

The notes provided are easy to understand and the homework given allows me to review what I have learnt in class. I have been learning under Teacher Park for around 3 years and I have to say she is an amazing Korean teacher as she is really dedicated to teaching her students. She is a kind and caring teacher and is always willing to clarify and explain to us whenever we face any difficulties/make any mistakes while learning Korean.

During her classes, she gives everyone the opportunities to allow them to improve their Korean language skills. Not only do I get to learn about the beautiful language during her classes, but I also get to know more about the exciting Korean culture/news etc allowing to expand my knowledge about Korea even more. ONLYOU Korean 짱!! 박 선생님 짱!!☺️💕 “