Singapore Topik - Michelle


“First and foremost, we would like to sincerely thank Onlyou and their teachers for the past 3 years of guidance. We are very much grateful for the systematic curriculum and caring teachers. Kirstyn and Gwyneth scored full marks for their Topik and we must thank Onlyou for this achievement.

We started attending lessons with Onlyou since Aug 2019, over the past 3 years, we benefitted much from the systematic approaches and well planned curriculum. Most importantly the notes have been very comprehensive and structured. If we base our studies solely on the textbook, it is definitely insufficient. Hence the notes were very useful.

The additional volcabulary notes you provided for our Topik preparation was extremely useful for us to identify what were our learning gaps.

The small class size since foundation class is also very beneficial and provided an opportunity for us to practise our speaking.

Besides lessons with Onlyou, we also practiced sample Topik papers to prepare ourselves. The practice papers helped us to have a better idea what are the various sections in Topik, the duration for listening and reading and how the questions are presented. With these practices, it allowed us to manage our timing better during the Topik itself.

Personally I am weaker in listening and speaking, better in reading. I hope to improve my listening in the next few years. As the twins enjoy kpop, they read the lyrics of the songs to improve on their listening and vocalbulary. I hope to do the same by reading the lyrics to songs and listening to songs at the same time.”