Korean course review by Lee Huan Ghee

Lee Huan Ghee

” Definitely a Korean language school that is highly recommended for people who are interested to learn the Korean language, regardless of your current Korean language proficiency. I have previously learned Korean during my university days and also at a language centre but I must say that the experience at ONLYOU is the best!

The class, taught by Ms. Park, is enriching and fun at the same time. The class content is well-planned which focuses on listening and speaking. There are plenty of examples, and in-class exercises to help practice what was taught. Materials used in class, such as Korean songs and TV programmes also made the class very interesting. Also, Ms. Park is patient, understanding and friendly while teaching. She is always open to questions and is very willing to help with problems in class hence I feel that the environment of the class is nurturing which helps in picking up the language. Furthermore, the location is conveniently located at about 5 minutes walk away from Beauty World MRT Station.

Once again, highly recommended for anyone who wishes to pick up or improve your Korean Language! “