korean course review by Geraldine Ho

Geraldine Ho

” It’s been 13 months with ONLYOU and I still look forward to my weekly class! 영선생님 (Teacher Young) is friendly, approachable and very encouraging. She ensures that the classroom is a safe and judgment-free place for you to learn and make mistakes, which I find is the most important thing when learning a new language. 영선생님, 감사합니다 ^^ 열심히 공부할 거예요!

As the teachers are native speakers, you’ll find yourself immersed in Korean culture and discover many interesting things about it – like why do K-drama characters say a particular phrase so often 😄

The learning doesn’t stop after you step out of the classroom because there’s mobile learning too. The school provides online learning materials, which makes it really easy to learn on the go. You can really tell that they are committed to making learning seamless, convenient and fun.

Bonus! The school is located near Beauty World MRT – just a 3-minute walk from the station 😁

ALL IN ALL: I’m very happy with my learning experience with ONLYOU and I’m sure you’ll be too 👍 “