Claire Wee

” I started off learning Korean on my own accord through online websites and phone applications. However, I wanted a more consistent and structured learning environment, which led me to join ONLYOU last August. Since then, my command of the language has improved exponentially under 영 선생님 (Teacher Young).

Small class sizes and interactive lesson materials make for an amazing learning environment. Classes incorporate everything from text to videos and audio, with speaking being an integral part of the whole learning experience! Korean culture and entertainment (dramas and kpop) are used to help us better synthesize what we learn with our interests. 🙂 Special days on the Korean calendar are celebrated at ONLYOU, such as Pepero Day and Christmas, with cute events planned during class. ^^

The teachers really do go out of their way to help you learn better, and I feel completely at ease asking 영 선생님 to re-explain certain words or grammar. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn Korean to join ONLYOU, because you’ll definitely look forward to lessons every week!! 🙂 “