Chong Hsueh Shan

“What’s better than learning the Korean language from a highly qualified Korean native who has good knowledge of English, Chinese and even Singlish? Learning it from someone who, besides possessing the said competencies, can also easily pass off as the female lead in a Korean drama of course (guys, sorry to disappoint you, but she is happily married)!
While you might get lost staring at 박선생님’s beautiful face, you would never get lost in your learning journey as she is proficient in teaching the language (she uses teaching materials from the renowned Seoul University, and supplements it with interactive videos and games etc), ever so patient in answering your queries, and willing to sacrifice her personal time to bring you up to speed should you miss your lessons. What I find even more important and valuable is that she never once makes you feel small or uncomfortable when you are slow in grasping the language. Always so amicable and approachable, she makes learning the Korean language an absolutely pleasant and stress-free affair. At times when words alone are inadequate in conveying the nuances of a Korean expression, she will even put her awesome drawing skills to good use (talk about being multi-talented)! Catering to the likes and hectic lifestyle of the modern generation, she also went the extra mile to create a mobile educational app to aid students’ learning on the go, as well as a chatgroup on KakaoTalk to facilitate communication.
If you are contemplating to take up Korean language lessons, look no further than ONLYOU as it truly embodies the essence of its name, that is, placing students at the heart of what it does and supporting them in their quest in mastering the Korean language!”