• Down payment of $100.00 in order to secure a seat in proposed class. The remaining school fee is payable by cash, cheque, internet banking or PAYNOW.
  • In case of a fully subscribed class, priority is given to students who have made payment.
  • The cost of our textbook is $35. A textbook covers about 2 levels (Foundation - Beginner 2A) which takes about 1 year to complete. The cost of additional materials is included in your school fees.

Make-up Lessons

  • Any booking for make-up lessons have to be made while the student is still an *active student in the school.
  • Make up classes are arranged subject to availability and are available for most, but not all, classes.
  • Students may inform their Korean teacher or our staffs as early as possible for us to arrange a make up lesson.
  • Students are allowed a maximum 3 make up lessons per term.

* Active students are students currently registered for a class in ONLYOU. Students will not be able to make an make-up class after the end of their school term as they will be considered inactive students until registration for a new or subsequent class is made.

Refund Policy

  • Once the registered class is confirmed to start, there will be no refund for cancellation of the lessons by students. A written notice must be provided if student wish to cancel or postpone the class to a later date. The lessons must be completed no longer than 6 months after the starting date of the class payment was intended for. The payment is valid for 6 months.
  • ONLYOU reserves the right to postpone the start-date of a class if the minimum number of students for class commencement is not enough to open a class. If the proposed class does not commence after a month of the stated start date, student may request for a full refund of payment.

Private Lesson Policy

  • The private lesson is valid for four months from the date of your first lesson. Learning a new language necessitates a certain level of commitment and consistency. We hope you have the best learning experience possible, and this is one way of ensuring that.
  • A lesson cancellation must be made AT LEAST 12 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF THE SCHEDULED TIME.
    A lesson is forfeited if the student fails to show up or cancels at the last minute.
    We ask for your understanding as we have scheduled the time slot for your lesson for the day. Should you be unable to turn up for lesson, we will be unable to accommodate students who are able to commit on that day.
  • We understand that most last-minute or same-day lesson cancellations are due to reasons beyond your control.
    For example, you may be required to work overtime (OT), attend meetings, complete schoolwork, or participate in other activities. As a result, each term allows for up to two last-minute cancellations.


  • ONLYOU students who complete a ONLYOU course (Term A and B) under our regular course structure with a minimum of 75% attendance rate will be eligible for a certificate of completion for that relevant course.
  • Students and ex-students who lose, damage or require a second copy of their Certificate of Completion will be charged a $10.00 reprint fee.


  • ONLYOU reserves the right to amend the privileges or terms & conditions without prior notice.
  • Register to the proposed class(es) and the down payment is required to redeem the promotions.
  • All promotions cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  • Voucher is valid for registration of ALL courses at ONLYOU.
  • Voucher cannot be used with other promotions.
  • Voucher must be used before the expiry date.


  • ONLYOU KLS reserves the right to postpone or cancel lessons.(due to unforeseen circumstances such as the teacher falling ill).
  • ONLYOU KLS reserves the right to provide relief or replacement teachers to take over classes.
  • Student Terms & Conditions may be amended from time to time.
  • Student's contact information is used for information dissemination about the school and class. A written notice has to be given if the student do not wish to be contacted.
  • Students are solely responsible for their safety and belongings at all times. ONLYOU KLS is not responsible for any such loss, injuries or damage.
  • Images/photographs/pictures/videos of students are deemed property of ONLYOU KLS and may be used for publicity purposes at its sole discretion.

By making payment for a course or registering for a class at ONLYOU, I accept these Terms & Conditions.